ICYMI: Gym closures and pandemic stress are taking a toll on mental health

In case you missed it, NBC News featured several Community Gyms Coalition members in a segment about the importance of gyms reopening, remaining open, and the critical need for specific, meaningful relief from Congress. The segment highlights how local gyms across the country are on the verge of collapsing due to government mandated closures and restrictions.

Data shows that existing federal relief programs have failed to help small gyms and fitness studios, with nearly two thirds of owners saying existing programs have not been useful. Previous data found that without targeted relief from Congress, one third of gym owners do not believe they will make it through 2021.

Over 6,000 gyms are closed already, which is why a new, bipartisan bill was introduced to help owners who are struggling. The GYMS Act would provide owners with targeted relief and help gyms and fitness facilities avoid bankruptcy.

Gym closures and pandemic stress are taking a toll on mental health
NBC News
February 22, 2021


Gyms were among one of the first businesses to close when the pandemic hit, and half of them still haven’t reopened. Owners are saying without federal relief they will be out of business for good as customers are feeling physical and mental effects of not being able to work out.

Watch the segment here.