ICYMI: Gym owners need help. Congress must provide some support or small gyms won’t make it

In case you missed it, Fox Business published an op-ed by two small gym owners explaining that gyms will not survive without industry-specific relief or corrections to prior PPP legislation. A key excerpt is below:

  • “Just last week, over 15,000 small and mid-size gyms stepped up and sent a letter to representatives in Washington calling for industry-specific relief. We recognize that the clock is ticking to save our industry. Tens of thousands of jobs are on the line. Congress must act now to save these jobs and help the fitness industry recover financially before it’s too late.”

Given that nearly 40 percent of our nation’s gyms will not make it through 2021 without federal aid, it’s disappointing that the Problem Solvers Caucus plan did not include direct relief for the fitness industry. That’s why the Community Gyms Coalition is calling on congressional leadership to consider the specific needs of local gyms and include substantive, meaningful support in future COVID relief proposals.

Gym owners need help. Congress must provide relief or fitness industry won’t make it: Community Gyms Coalition
By: Deb Strougo and Jordan Holland
Fox Business
December 16, 2020


As Congress continues to negotiate federal relief legislation and decide on how much money will be included in the next stimulus bill, the fitness industry must remain top-of-mind.

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly hurt every major industry across the country, but local gyms and fitness facilities have been particularly devastated, with thousands of gyms at risk of imminent closure.

According to Yelp, gyms and fitness facilities in the United States face higher closure rates than other industries that have been struggling because of the pandemic, like restaurants and bars.

Based on its respective size, the gym industry has a closure rate nearly five times that of the restaurant industry and one-third higher than the bar and nightclub industry.

This is why it is so important that Congress moves quickly to provide direct relief to gym owners.

Read the full op-ed here.