New Survey Data Shows Four in Five Gyms Are Still Struggling Due to Financial Impact of COVID-19

WASHINGTON, D.C. — July 12, 2021 — A new survey of locally-owned, independent U.S. gyms and fitness facilities found that four in five gym owners (80 percent) say they are still struggling with the long-term financial impact from the COVID-19 pandemic. The nationwide survey also revealed that three-quarters of gym owners (75 percent) say their revenue and active members have fallen since before the pandemic and that two-thirds of gyms (64 percent) have been forced to go into additional debt, with an average of $75,000 in new debt for those gyms.

The Community Gyms Coalition (CGC), a group representing over 15,000 community gyms and fitness studios in the U.S. urging Congress to pass the GYMS Act (HR 890; S.1613), released the following statement regarding the survey’s findings:

“For over a year now, gyms and fitness facilities across the country have been struggling through the devastating impact of COVID-19 and fighting to stay open in order to serve our communities,” said Pam Brown of Align Brooklyn. “This data proves that the financial damage is catastrophic and ongoing, and urgent help is still needed.. Gyms are essential for public health, and we were closed by state governments to fulfill a public purpose. Now Congress must work swiftly to pass the GYMS Act and provide small gyms with meaningful relief to help us recover.”

Last month, the CGC joined leaders in the fitness industry calling on congressional leadership to include specific support for gyms and fitness studios in any forthcoming economic recovery package. The bipartisan GYMS Act, with more than 140 cosponsors in the House of Representatives and 8 cosponsors in the Senate, would establish a grant program to administer financial support to distressed fitness facilities, as has been implemented for live venues, restaurants, and bars.

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